Licensed Home Care
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Maintaining a personal hygiene routine helps promote both physical and mental health

Our clients appreciate and rely on our assistance with simple personal care tasks that make life happier and healthier, like observing good hygiene to not only look and feel their best, but also to prevent infections and skin issues.

personal care for seniors in their own home

Services Include


Our Certified Nursing Assistants are trained to provide help with bathing, including getting into and out of the bath or shower safely, washing, drying, lotion, light massage, sponge baths, or simply to stand-by to assist if needed.

Shampoo hair

We help keep our clients hair clean and neat, shampooing either in the shower or sink, and can assist with drying and styling as well.

Oral & denture care

Oral health and hygiene is important, and we help our clients with proper cleaning procedures for brushing, flossing, and routine denture care.


Some of our clients only need a gentle reminder to shave, and for others we can assist with electric shaving.

Toilet assistance

We offer hands-on assistance for transferring on and off of the toilet, helping with proper hygiene, the application of creams, and following bathroom schedules. We also offer catheter and ostomy care.

Dressing assistance

We can assist with getting dressed for the day and/or getting ready for bed, providing as much help as needed, including assistance with braces and other DME equipment.

Transfer from wheelchair

We help our clients get to where they need to be with Gait belt, Pivot transfer, Hoyer or Sit to Stand assistance, as well as being someone to lean on for safety, balance, and support.

Meal prep and planning

From planning meals for the week, to food shopping and meal preparation, we help ensure that our clients have access to the foods they need.

Feeding assistance

Assistance with eating and drinking, as well as monitoring what and how much our clients have at each meal, helps ensure they receive the nutrition they need to be healthy.

Monitor food & fluid intake

Our caregivers chart the type and amount of food and drink our clients consume, both digitally and in a binder, to ensure they receive enough calories and fluids to promote good health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you help with meal planning, prepping, cooking, cleaning, and monitoring?
A: Yes, we can plan, shop, prep, and cook meals. We can also track what and how much our clients are drinking and eating.
Q: Can your caregivers help with toileting?
A: Yes, we can make and follow a toileting schedule, assist with bed pans, commodes, urinals, slide boards, help manage (clean and empty) catheters, ostomy bags, and regular toileting assistance.
Q: Can you help with showers, bath or bed bath?
A: Yes, we are licensed by the state of Nebraska and have CNA’s on staff that can help with all kinds of bathing.