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The insurance claims and appeals process can feel overwhelming without help

Let the Long-term Care Insurance experts at Way to Stay review your policy, explain your benefits, and help you claim on the policy. We offer this service exclusively to our clients, allowing them to focus on their health and well-being while we take care of the paperwork and phone calls.

We can help:

  • Review and inform you of your benefits
  • Start the claim and fill out paperwork
  • Assignment of benefits to simplify billing
  • Appeals and denied claims

We Can Help

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We help our clients understand their benefits

Our experts will review and verify your benefits with the insurance company. Once that’s done, we’ll explain all of the options available in the policy and how to make a claim.
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We helping with the claim and paperwork

If you are using our homecare services, we can help you claim on the policy by calling the insurance company to start the claim, and also help fill out all of the paperwork.

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We help with the assignment of benefits

Most insurance plans require you to pay your homecare provider first, and then reimburse you for the expense afterwards. We can request an assignment of benefits, so that we bill the insurance company directly, and they pay us directly. You’ll still receive a copy of our invoice, and the insurance company will provide you with an Explanation of Benefits showing what they paid.

We help with appeals for denied claims

If you have been denied a long-term care (LTC) claim recently, we can help you with the appeals process. We’ll assess your situation and, if appropriate, help you appeal the decision. There is usually a 30-60 day limit to file an appeal, so acting fast and avoiding obstacles is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start the claim or appeal if I’ve been denied?
A: We will help you with the entire claim and appeal process. We understand the process intimately, and are happy to provide assistance so that you can focus on getting better. We don’t mind arguing with the insurance company - that’s part of the process.
Q: Can you tell me what my policy covers?
A: Yes, we have experts that can help analyze your policy to let you know all of your benefits.
Q: Do I need to have Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC) to be a client?
A: No, we are private pay as well. If you do have LTC, we will help with your claim on the policy.