Licensed Home Care
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Licensed medication administration, management and reminders

Our senior clients often take multiple medications, vitamins and supplements to treat various symptoms and health conditions. Our licensed medication management administrators reduce the risk of medication mix-ups and ensure our clients receive their medicines reliably.

medication management

Services Include

Medication reminders

Taking medication each day at the correct time is important, and we remind and observe our clients to ensure they take their prescribed medicines.

Nurse assistance to fill pill boxes

Our RN or LPN caregivers will come monthly to fill pill boxes according to our clients’ prescriptions, and manage cases to verify that pills are being taken properly and in the correct dose.

Monitor blood sugar

We can monitor and track blood sugar readings, helping our clients manage their insulin whether it’s a set amount or sliding scale.

Breathing treatments

We can help set up, clean, sanitize, and manage medications delivered using a nebulizer machine.

Hospice assistance

We assist hospice with end-of-life care, from one hour all the way to 24/7, providing toileting, dressing, pain management, feed, and turning schedules.

Vitals tracking

Our nursing staff can help with vitals and charting those vitals for our clients physician, including Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, o2, respirations, weight, and blood sugars.

Medication administration

We help administer medication to our clients, including sorting of medication into pill boxes, crushing meds to give with food, assistance with insulin, and comfort med administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you help with insulin?
A: Yes, our RN will write the plan of care based on the doctor’s orders and comp out our CNA/CMA’s to administer the insulin based on our clients requirements.
Q: Can your caregivers fill pill boxes?
A: No, only our RN’s can fill pill boxes.
Q: Can your caregivers administer meds or med reminders?
A: Yes, all of our caregivers can remind clients to take their medications at specific times and to observe the meds being taken to ensure they are not dropped. However, only our certified med aids can administer meds.