Licensed Home Care
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Q: Will the caregivers come to work sick?
A: Absolutely not. Caregivers who show signs of illness receive a rapid test for COVID and are sent home until we can confirm a negative test result.
Q: Are all of your caregivers vaccinated?
A: Most are, but not all. COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory for employment, however we do encourage and provide incentives to those who do.
Q: What precautions are your staff taking to prevent the spread of COVID?
A: Our caregivers are supplied with masks and sanitizer while they are working with clients. They will wash their hands as soon as they arrive at the residence, and also keep their masks on during their entire shift.

Companion Care

Q: Can you drive my parent to appointments or errands?
A: Yes! As long as the client can get in and out of the vehicle safely. The caregiver can drive the client’s car at no extra charge, and if the caregiver drives their vehicle, there is a nominal mileage charge to reimburse the caregiver.
Q: Can we have the same caregiver every time?
A: Yes! Our goal is to find the perfect match for your needs. With a set schedule, it will be no problem to have the same caregiver every time.
Q: Can someone come and visit with mom/dad without any other services? They’re just lonely.
A: Yes, we can send someone to visit, be a friend, and spend time with your loved one doing whatever they enjoy.


Q: Can we have you just come clean? No personal care or companionship?
A: Yes, we can just come clean. Our pricing is determined by the length of our visit, not the service.
Q: Can you clean bathtubs and toilets?
A: Yes we can - we only ask that you provide gloves and any other necessary cleaning supplies.
Q: Can you help with deep cleaning?
A: Our cleaning services are limited to light housekeeping, including cleaning kitchens, living areas, and bedrooms. We help with day-to-day cleaning activities, such as vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, and laundry. Also, our caregivers cannot climb ladders or stools, or clean on their hands and knees.

Medication Management

Q: Can you help with insulin?
A: Yes, our RN will write the plan of care based on the doctor’s orders and comp out our CNA/CMA’s to administer the insulin based on our clients requirements.
Q: Can your caregivers fill pill boxes?
A: No, only our RN’s can fill pill boxes.
Q: Can your caregivers administer meds or med reminders?
A: Yes, all of our caregivers can remind clients to take their medications at specific times and to observe the meds being taken to ensure they are not dropped. However, only our certified med aids can administer meds.

Personal Care

Q: Can you help with meal planning, prepping, cooking, cleaning, and monitoring?
A: Yes, we can plan, shop, prep, and cook meals. We can also track what and how much our clients are drinking and eating.
Q: Can your caregivers help with toileting?
A: Yes, we can make and follow a toileting schedule, assist with bed pans, commodes, urinals, slide boards, help manage (clean and empty) catheters, ostomy bags, and regular toileting assistance.
Q: Can you help with showers, bath or bed bath?
A: Yes, we are licensed by the state of Nebraska and have CNA’s on staff that can help with all kinds of bathing.

Long-term Care Insurance

Q: How do I start the claim or appeal if I’ve been denied?
A: We will help you with the entire claim and appeal process. We understand the process intimately, and are happy to provide assistance so that you can focus on getting better. We don’t mind arguing with the insurance company - that’s part of the process.
Q: Can you tell me what my policy covers?
A: Yes, we have experts that can help analyze your policy to let you know all of your benefits.
Q: Do I need to have Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC) to be a client?
A: No, we are private pay as well. If you do have LTC, we will help with your claim on the policy.


Q: Do you offer competitive benefits?
A: Yes, we offer a wide range of benefits to our part- and full-time employees, including paid time off (after 6 months), dental, vision, life and disability insurance, a daycare savings account, and 401k.
Q: Do you need to be a CNA to work at Way to Stay?
A: No, we offer all levels of care, some of which do not require certification. We also offer on-the-job training and CNA/CMA classes, and can help our employees become certified caregivers.
Q: Can I pick my own hours?
A: Yes, you can work as much or as little as you like. Our minimum is 2 shifts per month, and overtime is available as well.