Digitally check-in on your loved one right from your phone

A digital monitoring system is a great way to communicate, track movement, activities, and even vitals. Our system can be tailored to your needs, providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing how things are going at home, and at less expense than a professional caregiver.
Digital Monitoring

Services Include

Senior-friendly, HIPAA compliant

Our closed circuit, HIPAA compliant system is accessible by authorized users only, keeping our client’s information secure while providing a senior-friendly user interface that’s easy to read and explore.

Video calling

Seeing a friendly face and talking with loved ones helps our clients feel less isolated when they can’t leave their homes. Family members can download an app and call anytime.

Share family photos

Help brighten your loved one’s day by sharing photos and videos directly from your phone or computer, which will display on their monitor when not in use.

Track activity patterns

Strategically placed motion sensors allow you to make sure your loved one is moving about normally, day or night, and will alert you to any disruption in their routine.

Track vitals

Our system automatically records readings for blood pressure, pulse, and weight using bluetooth enabled equipment, with customizable alerts for high blood pressure, unexpected weight loss, and more.

Send schedule & calendar updates

You can set schedules, medication reminders, and more from your phone, with customizable alerts and audible tones to notify your loved one or caregiver.

Motion, door & temperature sensors

Our system’s sensors can be customized for each client, with the ability to track motion habits, ambient temperature, doors, windows, and even the refrigerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to buy any equipment?
A: No, our system is available to rent by the day, and we will come install and upgrade it as needed. Price will vary depending on the number of attachments you want.
Q: Does your system require the internet?
A: Yes, we will need internet access, either via wifi or a direct cable connection.
Q: Does your system have cameras?
A: Yes, it has one camera on the monitor. The system also has multiple motion sensor options to monitor your loved ones routines without invading their privacy with multiple cameras.