Digital Monitoring


Our “Digital Monitoring Response Service” is a system that is comprised of many components that are utilized in the residence to help ensure the continued safety of the individual.

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This system can be used by those who are already receiving care, or those who might not need standard home health services yet, but would like that extra level of security to prolong their independence at home.

Digital monitoring is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the types of monitoring are completely unique to the individual.

The System

We are able to set up specific parameters for care, customized to the individual’s needs and wants.

System Features

Some of the types of things the system can do include: Video Calling, Wandering Detection, Closed-Circuit Messaging, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Weight Monitoring, Blood Sugar Monitoring, Ad-Free Games and Browsing, Emergency Alerting, Medication Reminders, Temperature Monitoring, Events & Activities Calendar, Facebook Photo Sync, Door Monitoring, And More!

The system is HIPAA compliant, and completely safe. So safe, in fact, your doctor could even use it to do a video check in!


Vitals and other analytics can easily be exported at the request of the family, or doctor for review. The system is entirely closed-circuit, and ad-free. Video features are only used at the discretion of the individual, and are never recorded or continually monitored.The u

nit features large, easy-to-read print on it’s touchscreen and navigation is a breeze, anyone can use it! 

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